SB: For those that don’t know who you are, what would be a brief description or bio?

Toshamakia: Toshamakia, that’s me the sexiest Puerto Rican mami on Hip Hop radio .. I started out singing and touring with Angie Martinez .. I’m a mentor, survivor, fun, outgoing person. I’m a mom, I’m a daughter, I’m sister, I’m a cousin , and I’m a great person.

SB: When did you start singing and did you know that you wanted to sing and be in the entertainment industry?

Toshamakia: I’ve been singing ever since I was a little girl, I know everyone says that .. I’m Latina, so my mom always played music growing up, jazz, r&b, all types so I always had an appreciation for all types of music; Spanish people, we cook and we dance and i grew up listening to the best of the best and I grew up thinking “I can sing like that’ and growing up I just knew that’s what I wanted to do.

SB: There’s a list of artist and dj’s already that you’ve worked with like Angie Martinez, Busta Rhymes, Puffy, Lil Kim, Nas, Monie Love, etc, who specifically would you like to work with some day and/or sing with?

Toshamakia: As far as production I would love to work with Kwame, I love me some Missy looooove me some Missy, Trey Oliver has done some really great stuff .. now that I’m moving to NC , there’s so many different people that I want to work with ..

SB: After doing radio, Hot 93.7 in CT, 100.3 The Beat in Philly and “Ladies First” with Monie Love on Sirius 39 XM 65 Radio etc, do you like working on air and being in radio more than being a recording artist or do you always want to do both?

Toshamakia: That’s funny that you asked that, I just had that conversation I said you know I’m not sure haha because I want to be in the studio, I want to produce, I want to sing but it seems that God keeps putting me back in radio and eventually I wanted to be Registered Nurse, I love taking to people and making people feel better, so I’m not going to give up on music but for whatever reason God has, I’ll do both radio and keep singing ..

SB: Now you’ll be moving to Greensboro, NC to do the Morning Show with Kyle Santillian on 102 Jamz. Looking forward to Wild Out?

Toshamakia: Oh my God yes those boys sigh .. I feel like Kyle and B Daht they are a bowl of good mess . . I went out there for a weekend and I had to do what I had to do and I had a blast and people were twittering, facebooking and I cant believe people still myspace lol and I felt so good with them that I forgot we were on the air that people were listening to us lol . . I was having so much fun . . I was there a weekend and I had a great time and I can’t wait to embrace the community and give back, they just embraced me and it was very awesome and I felt like I belonged there and that’s a good thing .. I’m beyond excited ..

SB: Do you ever think of moving on from radio to tv like Wendy Williams or maybe even to acting or movies?

Toshamakia: Yes yes and yes lol . . I was just telling my manager, we’re shooting for syndication for our show but besides syndicated radio .. absolutely .. I just had a baby, I have to get back in shape first lol, but tv is something I’m dying to do and I have a million ideas ..

SB: As if the industry isn’t hard enough to get into, let alone succeed, and even for one person to have to hustle and run around and move to get things done, how hard is it when you’re a mom and in this industry?

Toshamakia: Its hard .. especially when you’re a mom again .. and have a baby again, and you want to be home and nurse and wake them up and feed them . .you have to have a great support system . . and at the end of the day you’re not doing things for yourself you’re doing it for your family ..

SB: I’ve known you over a decade, and as if I already didn’t have tremendous respect for you, how hard was it to publicly come out and talk about you being in an abusive relationship? And why did you?

Toshamakia: When I came to Philly I brought the problem from CT thinking I could change the person and I got to the point where I was tired .. one night my daughter said “mommy please make it stop” .. and I couldn’t take it and from that point on it got bad and my daughter saved my life .. i said “what am I doing?” .. I asked God “if You get me out of this I will help people” and I got tired, and I was tired of being tired .. and I was busy touring and on the radio and ashamed and I was scared and I just got to the point where I finally had to breathe and see the light and promised God I would help other women .. and one day I was reading something somewhere about Domestic Violence and how a woman’s child died because of domestic violence and I said wow that could’ve been me .. and the minute I opened up, it was my closure .. I had to take blame too because I let it happen .. now that I look back it was not a good situation but I would not go back and fix it because it made me who am I ..

SB: What do you want to tell that person out there who wants to sing and get on radio and do what you do?

Toshamakia: Oh gosh I could only tell someone what I wish they would’ve told me .. don’t listen to the people who hold you down and are negative and want to crush your dreams. You have to stay focused and keep going strong with it, and if you really, really, whole heartedly want it, you’ll get it.

SB: Where will Toshamakia be in 5yrs?

Toshamakia: I’ll be somebody’s boss! Lol Everything I dream is where I’ll be in 5yrs .. syndicated radio, tv .. I’ll be everywhere!

March 2011