DJ Tony Touch


TONY TOUCH, an icon in Hip-Hop and in the Urban Hispanic genre plus seasoned player in the game, is a true innovator and has revolutionized the DJ game over and over. Tony became recognized in the streets and by the industry as the real ‘Mixpate King.

In 2004, Eminem and manager Paul Rosenberg closed a deal for their own radio station on Sirius Satellite called Shade 45. Tony Touch was quickly recruited to host TOCA TUESDAYS (every tuesday night) from 8pm to Midnight E.S.T….and to this day can be heard LIVE all over the world.

SB: Tell everyone a little bit about who Tony Touch is, what part of Brooklyn you’re from, etc.

TT: In 2011…TONY TOUCH is not just a DJ…Producer, Artist, CEO, Promoter……but a BRAND…..25 years of Branding…Born and Raised in Brooklyn (East New York, Canarsie, Bushwich etc).

SB: Now, your name is in the Hip Hop History books alongside forefathers like Crazy Legs, Grand Master Flash, Red Alert, and an endless list of people from break dancers to dj’s, to rappers. When you and I were born, hip hop was just born too, how did this all start for you?

TT: My introduction to Hip Hop was B-boyin….before anything…I danced.

SB: Between break dancing and being a rapper that were both huge things in the 80’s, why did you pick DJing?

TT: When I moved to Orlando to go to High School.. I saw a void and wanted to bring the movement there. I started doing my own parties…and knew the music I wanted to I started DJing.

SB: I remember going to either a house party or a club, and the DJ was the person that made the event happen! Over the years, I’ve seen dj’s just show up, play music and leave. What’s happened to the “DJ” in the past couple of decades?

TT: The last few years..Ive noticed that the party scene was dry and unoriginal.. so I went back to my roots and started promoting my own events again…something a lot of djs dont do today..they just show up for work..but if you really want to get it a got to get involved and promote and utilize your social networks.

SB: Do you think the industry changing from crates, turn tables and vinyl over to laptops and Serato has hurt or helped the dj’s?

TT: Serato and other computer programs have both helped and hurt the dj game. It helps because you can travel with your entire music collection and be prepared for anything. It hurts because now everyone can share files and call themselves a DJ…the art of record shopping is gone.

SB: So you’ve been a dj for over 30yrs now, I’ve seen dj’s retire already, there have been new dj’s that have come and gone already, and Tony Touch just played at Sutra last Toca Tuesday and FunkBox on Sunday and is working on “The Piece Maker 3”?! What’s the secret? Why is Tony Touch still around?

TT: Tony is still around because Tony loves what he does…and loves the culture.

SB: Is there something you wish you did, that you never had the opportunity to do or to finish?

TT: Still to me there is much to be done. I’m riding this thing until the wheels fall off…still looking to break new music, artists…and put out more quality albums.

SB: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to do what you do?

TT: Advice I would give to someone wanting to do what I do is remember to work hard…practice your craft…and stay humble…oh…and work hard.

SB: Where will I see Tony Touch in the next 5 years?

TT: In the Next 5 years I hope to be as busy as I am now…being consistent is everyting..thats why Im Rock Steady.

January 2, 2012