Stephanie Arenas

stephania arenas

SB: Tell everyone who is Stephanie Arenas.

SA: Well I am 23 years old; I am a Queens native, comic book enthusiast, and full time blogger.

SB: When did you decide you wanted to model?

SA: Actually, even though I’d be recruited for modeling gigs countless of times as a teen, I didn’t consider making it part of my life until my early twenties, when a good friend of mine highly suggested I do so.

SB: What’s your goal within the modeling career then?

SA: Every single time I am placed in front of a camera, my goal is to portray grace and femininity, without touching any kind of vulgarity. Embracing the inevitable beauty of a woman.

SB: Would you like to act or sing aside from modeling?

SA: I actually have a history in Acting and I can be quite the drama queen, but my singing needs to remain in the shower. For everyone’s safety lol.

SB: What advice would you give someone who wants to get into modeling and the things you do?

SA: I often get asked modeling advice, and I usually suggest for women to thoroughly think it through before plunging into the modeling lifestyle.

SB: Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

SA: In 5 years I plan on being incredibly happy and successful in everything I love doing. Keys to life.

SB: Where can people see you? Any specific magazine or events you are found at?

SA: People can always find me on my blog! I’m usually out covering different events also for my blog lol. Modeling wise, you can find my work anywhere from the New York Times to Sephora.

SB: What are you currently working on and doing?

SA: Currently there are big things in the works … that’s all I’m saying lol … After all, loose lips sink ships!