Rachel “Persia” Mucerino


SB: Tell everyone a little about yourself and where you’re from.

Persia: Its Persia baby….From the land of the lost- Far Rock Amerika

SB: For people that never got to see VH-1’s “The White Rapper” with MC Serch in 2007, you ended in 4th place I believe, how did that whole opportunity come about?

Persia: You would think there was some crazy story behind how I got on the show but the truth is I was looking through ads on craigslist & ran across an ad looking for white rappers w/ personality. I wasnt sure if I could rap but I was positive I had personality LOL

SB: Now you don’t fit the average rapper image. You don’t have on baggy jeans or timberlands. You’ll dress very feminine but wanna be known as “that bitch” lol. To those that are confused or say that you’re fake, explain your persona. What do you want to tell those people?

Persia: I am what life has made me…A woman, a gang member, a mother, a hustler, an emcee…I am a testament that you can never judge a book by its cover if you wish to understand the story. Im the girl the other girls rap about, I just happen to like sundresses & flowers in my hair *wink*

SB: Is it hard being a single mother and trying to make it in a male dominated industry where you don’t fit the mold to begin with?

Persia: I’ve never given me being a female a first thought none the less a second one. I’m not interested in fitting any mold, I am the mold….

SB: You come hard in your songs like Persia’s Revenge, This is a Warning, and The Truth. For those that don’t know, you had a big issue with a gun charge and domestic dispute. Was that an influence in your work and your lyrics and how you express yourself?

Persia: I was who I am today way before I caught a gun charge or started to rapping…I dont put anything thought into my style, I just open my mouth and say whats on my mind.

SB: So after domestic dispute, you’ve moved on so tell us about the “Prince of Persia” now.

Persia: It’s no secret Im a hopeless romantic..I just cant seem to find the right guy. plus I’ve always thought that if I had a reality show about love, I would be the only person to have done it that was actually looking for love LOL So after a few meetings w/ some directors we started casting for the show last year but things got a little hectic & we had to put it on hold. We are currently looking to recast & shoot the pilot in the coming months & shop it to a few networks.

SB: What are your views regarding being an independent artist versus signing to a major label?

Persia: To each his own…I’m new to this so I cant sit here & tell you the in’s & out of why you should do this and not that. I just wanna be heard & support my kids – I’m all in with whoever can help make that happen, indy or major.

SB: What do you regret doing or not doing or if you could go back and change something what would it be?

Persia: I have regrets, but at the end of the day I know that God has a plan for me, and changing any of what I have done thus far would alter the outcome.

SB: What advice do you want to give a young woman who doesn’t look the part or fit the mold or society’s image and wants to do what you do?

Persia: The only thing standing in between your dream & reality is you….Once you believe in yourself dont let anyone take that away from you. We were all born to follow our dreams, you just gotta take that first step.

SB: Where will Persia be in 5 years?

Persia: Mentioned with the greats…..