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For those of you that think Lindsley Register looks familiar, she has been on such television shows as Netflix’s Original “House of Cards” and in Cinemax’s “Outcast” as well as a long list of short films. She is probably most recognized for playing Dharma Caulder on The History Channel’s “Six” and as one of Negan’s Savior’s on AMC’s “The Walking Dead”.

SB: Tell us briefly who Lindsley is.

LR: I’m an actress, vegetarian, lover of animals, sunshine seeker and positive thinker.

SB: What made you switch from English to Drama as majors in college?

LR: I started out teaching English as a second language because I was so enthused with working with internationals, specifically in the hispanic communities of my hometown. I started doing theatrical shows as a hobby, but as I grew and learned more about a longterm career it started to entice me. When I realized I wasn’t going to give it up, I gave in and switched majors. I decided to pursue it full force and make something out of it.

SB: Which one do you prefer more: acting, writing, directing or producing? If you had to pick one?

LR: Very easy for me. Acting. I think that I’ll always be an actor first and foremost. It’s my passion and nothing else quite makes me feel so fulfilled. That being said, the art of filmmaking is fascinating to me, and I love to learn about all of its other components. I’ve really enjoyed learning to produce, write, and direct, and I plan to have more opportunities to learn those fields in the future.

SB: You’re part of a Production company called The Pandora Collection. How did that come about?

LR: It all kind of began when some of my good friends and I were about to compete in a film festival. The group of us were primarily actors and we wanted to deliver a piece into the fim festival that would highlight our skill sets. We didn’t quite feel that any writer/director would be able to capture what we wanted, so we decided to direct ourselves and write our own piece around us as the actors.

That year, we made a WW2 thriller called Ave Maria and I was really proud of it after we cleaned it up. From there we continued to make our own short films and eventually went on to produce our feature film, This Valley of Dying Stars. So we didn’t set out to be a production company really. We were just a group of actors who wanted our voices to come through all elements of our films.

SB: Can you elaborate about your feature film, and tell us more about This Valley of Dying Stars?

LR: I was itching to make a feature film. We had made 3 short films and I wanted to move on to something new, something harder, and something more marketable. My partner, Alexander, and I went to the best writer and directer we knew, Jonathan Kirt, who was living in LA at the time. He put together an incredible script and wrote compelling roles from us. The film was shot in December of this past winter and it is almost finished being edited. We’ll have a teaser dropping really soon for you guys and you’ll be able to find it on the Facebook page for This Valley of Dying Stars.

SB: Speaking of your partner, you married Alexander McPherson 8 months ago, beautiful wedding picture and dress; you have the production company together and work on projects together, how did all that come about?

LR: Fun, funny and wild journey with that one. We met about 4 years ago, on one of my first ever sets. He was doing my makeup and it was a spinoff piece of The Walking Dead funny enough. We immediately connected. He was such an interesting and kind person. We went on to find each other on many more projects, in our small town. When the timing was right, we started dating and it was very right. We are so compatible and complimentary in many ways and one of the awesome things is we can work together and we enjoy doing so.

SB: Do you feel that your lifestyle of being a vegetarian and doing yoga, and your all around healthy living, influences your work and others?

LR: All of those components most definitely influence my work. When I am most complete, most healthy, most fulfilled, I can do my best work. When I feel good I am more emotionally accessible as well. I hope to influence others with good choices. I certainly have been influenced and affected by the good choices made by those ahead of me and I just want spread that around.

SB: You’re currently working on projects and have some completed and post-production work, but so far, what has been the role you’re most proud of?

LR: There are so many roles that immediately come to mind that I feel shaped me. My roles as Dharma Caulder in The History series “Six” comes in a close second, but I’d have to go with Zoe Webster in “This Valley of Dying Stars”. I was working with a director who knows me through and through the script was in me, in my blood, from all the studying and preparation, and some very honest things came out of me. Even though that character wasn’t me, some honest empathy happened and I am just stoked about introducing her to the world.

SB: Which characters have been the closest to the real you and the most opposite role you’ve played?

LR: Closest … ooh that’s a vulnerable question. I’m sitting here thinking really hard. Nothing is really coming to mind. I’ve always felt very separate and very different from the roles I take on. Maybe it’s a protective measure, but I couldn’t tell you for sure. Maybe the most opposite role would have to be … gosh this is one of the hardest questions I’ve had to answer in an interview! There’s just so much that goes into a character. There’s always little bits of your real self to be found in there, and you find a way to take on anything that may be unfamiliar or unnatural. Perhaps my role in “Ave Maria” would be the most different.

SB: What advice would you give to those that love what you’re doing and want to follow in your footsteps, whether it’s acting, writing, producing or directing?

LR: I would tell them, find a way to root yourself in your community, in your own security and strength. Get ready to fail miserably. Get ready to make a fool out of yourself in front of people you respect and admire. Embrace the idea of humiliation. If you can do that then study your ass off at the closest credible acting studio or university, doing student films so that you can cut a reel, and get an agent. Work as hard as you can, be as positive as you can, and understand it may take a decade or two before you break through. Those who really want it won’t be deterred by the process. Lastly, remember that its 20% talent and 80% “showing up”.

SB: Where will Lindsley Register be in 5 years?

LR: I hope that we will see her thriving, working constantly, happy, healthy, a wiser more experienced version of myself. I hope that I’ll have a great mentor and a solid reputation at that point. I hope that I’ll be a more loving and kind human. I hope that I’ll be trusted with leading, challenging, and compelling roles.

Thank you for this interview! I hope it offers you some insight!

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