Evi Siskos

SB: Tell us who is Evi Cecilia Siskos Guzmán?

ES: Evi was born in New York City to immigrant parents from Greece and the Dominican Republic. She is a girl who holds both of her roots very close to her heart. She is a hardworking woman who values her family very dearly. She plans on using her gifts and talents to help the world open their hearts and minds.


SB: You are Dominican from Moca and Greek, speak Spanish, Greek, French, and Mandarin, and went to school in Shanghai. How do you go from Fort Lee, NJ to China?

ES: I always dreamt of studying theater and one day performing on tv or in film. Growing up I was involved in my high school theater and was a thespian. But, when the time came for me to go to college my parents didn’t support my decision to study theater so instead I went to school for international business and decided to do my language concentration on Mandarin, which is how I ended up studying abroad in Shanghai, China.

SB: Is that where you studied jiu-jitsu and kick boxing?

ES: I was never really good at sports until I discovered martial arts. Which for me was the perfect balance of mind and body. I practiced in Cliffside Park, NJ.

SB: You were in an all-girl band Last Minet, at what age did you start singing?

ES: Yes, Last Minet was an all girl band which I was one of its first members (the band is still around). The band got it’s name because it was literally put together last minute… And we ended up winning The Battle of the Bands. I was the lead singer, even though these days I don’t pursue singing. My passion is acting and television.

SB: You went from radio to TeleMundo; do you prefer working in radio or television?

ES: I will always have tremendous respect for radio and the craft behind it but acting and television will always be my first love and passion.


SB: You currently host Acceso Total on Telemundo 47 in NYC with Alfredo Galvan, how did that start?

ES: It’s funny how things happen. Before I was in Telemundo I booked this small commercial. The commercial was shot in both English and in Spanish. We first shot the commercial in English and everything went well the when we went to shoot it in Spanish it turns out the woman playing my mom and the guy playing my brother didn’t speak a word of Spanish, they had said they did because they studied it in High School.

So after that I ended up doing the whole commercial in Spanish. After that the woman who was producing the commercial asked me if I had ever thought about doing Spanish television and I told her that to be quite honest I had not, and that’s when she said she would get me an audition with Telemundo. I auditioned and my first gig was with Goya Foods as their spokesmodel. For 2 years I was doing segments and commercials for them, until I started doing the entertainment show I do now with Alfredo Galvan, which is Acceso Total.

SB: Now are you moving to acting and doing some pilots and novelas, how’s that going?

ES: I am! A couple of months ago I finished shooting the pilot called Lower East Asides. In this pilot I got to play the role of Braga,a Brazilian girl, accent and all, which was a lot of fun. I also just finished shooting a novela called Mortales I will be in the series called Salsa. There I’m playing a beautiful up and coming salsa dancer who gets poisoned before her competition and is sentenced to a life in a wheelchair. I loved that role because it was challenging having to play a girl who was full of life who transformed herself into an invalid. Now I’m filming Yellow Fever also where I’m a Federal Agent named Veronica and also fellow castmember Amber’s lover.


SB: What would you tell someone who wants to be an actress and do what you do?

ES: Everything you dream of is completely real and it’s just waiting for you to put action and make it happen. Paulo coelho said in my favorite book called the alchemist “When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it” and I agree to that 110% So I say dream big and keeping pushing till it comes true… The only thing between dreams and the manifestation of your dreams is ACTION!

SB: Where do you want to be in 5 years?


ES: I like to put my own advice to use and I do dream very big. I do see myself in Hollywood writing stories and making movies. I am currently writing a novel which once published I plan to make into a movie. I don’t plan on directing it but I do plan to star in it. Extra info I love writing poetry… My artist name is The Mad Poet. The name came because The Mad Poet is a channel for emotions to be written onto paper. I consider my work to be relatable, transformational, and spiritual.