Silk “Eternia” Kaya


SB: Briefly introduce yourself to everyone.

Eternia: Wsup Beautiful People, my name is Eternia…or Silk to my momma 😀 (born: Silk-Anne Semiramis Dawn Craig Kaya)

I’m an MC based out of Toronto, Canada currently honing my craft in NYC.

SB: To jump ahead of the story, you’re from Canada, you’ve been to several states, Puerto Rico, other countries, Mexico, Europe, etc . . but take me back to Canada how did all this start?

Eternia: Australia… Turkey… planning to hit South Africa next! 😀

Hip Hop found me. I never made a conscious decision to ‘do’ hip hop or to rap. My brother brought home Hip Hop music when I was around 8-yrs-old, in the form of N.W.A., 2 Live Crew, Public Enemy, LL, you name it. The rest is history I’ve been rapping ever since.

I probably would start counting taking my career professionally from the time I was 15 on. Thats when I moved out of my mothers’ house and Hip Hop became my 1st priority. Hasn’t changed since then. It’s not something I could ‘choose’ to stop doing. It’s an extension of who I am as a person.

SB: Do you want to or do you try to emanate your flow/style from your influences growing up like Tribe, Pharoahe, Fugees, etc or do you think you have a totally different style rooted in your powerful spoken word lyrical technique?

Eternia: I think both, neither, or either/or depending on how you look at it 😀 LOL!

Seriously though.. you can tell that I listened a lot to golden era hip hop by the way I flow. But I don’t think I sound like strictly a golden era rapper. Listen to “To the Future” or “Goodbye” and you’ll hear a diff flow. I’d like to think I can flip up my flow pretty easily, I’m not married to one style. So yah – you can hear the era in which I was raised in, but it definitely isn’t the era that my music stays in.

I’d like to think I just make strong, organic, sample-based, boom bap, east coast influenced, lyrical, thought-provoking, LIFE MUSIC. that makes u wanna do the ugly face cause it sounds so hard 😀 lol!

SB: Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics?

Eternia: My life. Other peoples’ lives that I love. Truth. The Bible. God. Beauty. Love. Hate. My Block (in NYC and in Toronto and everywhere I’ve lived). Experiences through the eyes of others and through my eyes too. I’m not very imaginative though… I don’t make things up. It’s all me.

SB: What’s the difference among an emcee, a spoken word poet, a rapper, and a hip hop artist and how do you categorize yourself?

Eternia: I refer to myself as an emcee, or a Hip Hop Artist on the professional Bio :-D. I don’t consider myself a spoken word poet, to ‘rap’ is something I do (a verb). I don’t mind the term ‘rapper’, its the easiest to understand … I tell people I’m a rapper sometimes. I don’t like to box or categorize these words, I think language is subjective and can be fluid (like you could be all of the above in 1 person).

However there are connotations with all those titles, and out of them all I think Emcee probably describes me the most accurately. I’ll take whatever people say though, if their intentions are good 😀

SB: Is your goal to go mainstream or are you content being an independent artist?

Eternia: My Goal is to walk worthy of the Calling to which I was Called. Rumi’s “THE REAL WORK” really summarizes what I’m working towards, goal wise. If that means being on a major one day…. word up!

If that means staying indie for life… Word up! if that means not making records anymore, and working in an orphanage in India… word up! I try not to let my ego or selfishness guide my goals.

SB: What do you think of the direction that the industry has taken hip hop from its’ origins to what it is now?

Eternia: I think everything grows, morphs, changes, evolves. I’m not mad. The only thing I’d want to see change is that the industry and the music that is ‘mainstream’ reflect more the diverse groups of people that are involved in Hip Hop culture. And i think thats coming, too. I see it.

SB: So what’s going on right now with your music? Any new videos or any performances coming up?

Eternia: Well we’re always working on something 😀 where do I begin? This year was really a year of festivals for me. I did Paid Dues Festival out in Cali, that was like 10,000 + hungry hip hop aficionados. I did Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest here in NYC. about to go do ManifesTO Fest in Toronto, then A3C Festival in Atlanta in Oct which is one of the biggest independent hip hop festivals in the country. I’m doing a womens’ singer/songwriter festival called Tinderbox Music Festival Sept 10th at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Excited about that, I love showing Hip Hop as an art form to people that may not necessarily see a lot of MC’s in action, you know?

Still recording. Still collabing. Excited about this new song I’m working on w/ Hasan Salaam and Range. Excited about this track that just dropped on Apathy’s album called “DEAR LORD” featuring myself and Diabolic on a MoSS beat. Excited about a lot of stuff in the works. I know people are hungry for more music. It’s coming. But in the meantime the catch up is something SERIOUS (5 albums, 5 years, tons of music videos).

SB: What’s your advice for a young female who wants to do what you do?

Eternia: To thine own self be true.

(and it helps to have supportive people around you who will protect you from the BS and shade that MANY people are gonna throw your way… shout out to my very own Sav One.)

SB: What’s next for Eternia? Where do you want to be in 5yrs?

Eternia: I’d like to have a family in 5 years and be more stable – like in 1 spot, instead of running around on Megabuses and airplanes every month! lol! I’d like to own a crib. But its not about what I want… it’s about what God wants.