DJ Amanda Blaze


SB: What made you jump from being on air on the radio over to DJing?

AB: Well, I met a DJ when I went to Penn State who was rocking the crowds there heavy and I asked him to teach me. I love the party scene and I wanted to be able to play the hottest music out and get that instant reaction from crowds of people. College parties are definitely the best!

SB: Who were your influences when you started DJing?

AB: The only DJ I really followed heavy that is widely known is Kid Capri – he is an amazing DJ and crowd rocker and every show he does is insane. When I started putting out mixtapes I was pretty influenced by Clue and Flex because I grew up listening to them.

SB: Having so many successful female dj’s like Spinderella, Jazzy Joyce, Cocoa Chanelle, and the dozens of underground female dj’s, do you think it’s harder or easier for a female to make it as a dj?

AB: So many? HAHA there really aren’t that many who are successful or that many female DJs to begin with. It’s definitely harder – the expectations are higher and everyone’s attitude is there can only be 1 female to represent at a time. It’s crazy! I love being a female DJ though and no matter what the challenges are this is what I am passionate about so people can try to block if they want to but that just makes me go harder. For the female DJs whose names are known and who are doing their thing it says a lot about us because it takes a lot of hard work to get that respect and recognition.

SB: Do you prefer the clubs and private parties and a live crowd or do you prefer radio djing and being on air?

AB: I like both for different reasons. I love parties because I like to make people dance and sing along and then drop a HOT record they haven’t heard in a while and the crowd goes OHHHH! Mixtapes and radio I tend to play more exclusives or underground tracks that aren’t really for the club. It’s also nice that I can tell people all over the country like hey catch me every day I’m on from 3-4PM and they can listen in.

SB: Do you see yourself moving on to producing, remixing artists’ joints, going more into the studio for that kinda stuff?

AB: No. I just don’t have the patience to be a producer – that’s a whole different thing to me.

SB: Would you want to be part of a dj group like The Core, Heavy Hitters, etc or is it better to be a solo dj?

AB: Tons of DJ groups have asked me to join their team. It got to a point where I realized what benefit is it for me to join if I’m doing more than a whole team of DJs all by myself? LOL. I’m doing ok and my team around me is not DJs so we help each other a lot.

SB: What has been your favorite event or private party so far? Any celebrity name dropping? Lol

AB: I’ve done a lot of great parties especially in India and Toronto. But my favorite event so far was rocking on stage with Albe Back at the Thisis50 Fest in 2009. The whole concert was so much unity among artists in NYC and I got to meet one of my favorites, Lloyd Banks.

SB: If you didn’t turn to djing, do you think you would at least still be doing radio?

AB: I love music so probably. I can’t imagine me not being a DJ though.

SB: What would you tell any teenage girls that want to start djing?

AB: Practice! I wish I would have started DJing earlier, but I am glad that I learned with real vinyl. I would say that it might be a good thing for young DJs to learn the real way along with Serato. Also, I would just say go hard and don’t let anyone stop you.

SB: What’s next for DJ Amanda Blaze?

AB: Right now we are working on a major tour in Europe for late Spring – it’s going to be amazing because I have never been there. I will continue to do my daily radio show “The Drop Zone” on 3-4PM and I’m also teaming up with soon. I hope to land an FM mixshow this year also.

April 14, 2014

January 2012