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How do we find words for describing levels of betrayal and emotional, physical, and spiritual torture that fragment and destroy a child or cast and cause traumatic shadows over one’s entire life? “We triumph, and we move forward,” says D Lux. From his neat fashion, forward attire, to his charming smile, and his warm, spirit, one could not imagine the abuse he’s suffered at the hands of his own mother. His early life was dominated by turmoil and the abuse started long before he entered this word when his mother tried to induce a miscarriage by throwing herself down a flight of stairs. At the age of two he was removed from his house by social workers due to unfit living conditions. For the majority of his life, D Lux bounced from foster home to foster home, back to his mother’s care at times, and even lived with his school teachers on occasion. “My mom would put me out the house on a regular basis just because. I would go to school with the same clothes on. Occasionally, my friends would lend me their clothes to wear. The brief moments D Lux spent in the home with his mother were shadowed by both physical and verbal abuse for if D Lux was caught singing around the house, his mother would beat him. “My mom would often tell me to shut up or beat me if she heard me singing. She would never recognize my talent until someone else did and then she would be quick to take the credit.” These beatings were offset by even more vicious physical abuse at the hands of his father’s brother and then boyfriend of his mother. Struggling to live in a house so infested with bedbugs to the point where they walked the surface of the walls and floors alongside the roaches, all efforts to escape his environment through his love for music were met with severe repercussions. “I thought everyone had roaches. My mom has roaches, her friends, an even the foster homes has roaches. I thought it was normal. I remember plugging the iron up and roaches coming out of the iron.” Foster care didn’t garner any success as far as providing a stabile home for the young D Lux as he was ignored, told to stay out of site and in his room, “They never took the time to communicate with me. A lot of the foster parents just did it for the money.” D Lux has three little sisters who reside with his mom and they have been the driving force behind his desire to succeed at all costs, “Two of my little sisters sleep on two chairs pushed together and one sleeps on the kitchen table. How could I not want to make a better life for them? Their life depends on my success.”

SB: Who is Daryll Lux?

DL: I’m an R&B artist from Milwaukee, WI and I’m a people person. I cut hair and love to work out and sing.

SB: You’re young, 24, when and how did this all start?

DL: I started singing when I was 3 years old around the house but as I grew up I started signing in talent shows.

SB: What or who would you say led you from Milwaukee “here”?

DL: Traxx Sanders and Mel Smith led me on the musical path that I’m on now, they are the back bone behind the DLux team.

SB: Being so open about your past and growing up takes a lot of courage, how much of it would you say influences you as an artist?

DL: All of my past is a influence on my life, if I was sad I’d sing, when I was confused I’d sing, just hearing good music I would sing. It wasn’t until after high school that I started taking the workout thing serious.

SB: How did you get involved with The Bad Guyz?

DL: I was just around Traxx and he saw how into it and dedicated I was, he said I was talented, and liked my look, and said how humble I was yet, from same city. Plus I was demo-ing a lot of records as well, so I really snuck in lol.

SB: Great collaboration and sound, how did Ace Hood get onto the track?

DL: My big homie Mel Smith got Ace Hood on the track, it was really amazing!

SB: What would you say is so different from you and let’s say Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, or any other singer?

DL: Our up bringing makes us, and our music different. I have a curly Mohawk, ripped body and I work crazy hard to keep it. Hell, I might offer you to go to some gym here in my city after this interview. I’ll workout anywhere, if I didn’t get it in already, I will feel like I’m missing something. I’m overall a different person than other artists.

SB: What’s different in you as an artist from “Bomb Bomb” and let’s say last years’ “True Love”?

DL: There is no difference I”m the same person, I love music and the art of singing all genres of music.

SB: What’s your advice to those that want to pursue the same path and want to sing?

DL: My advice is keep doing what your doing, you can do it if you don’t stop. You will hear 100,000,000 “No’s” … all you need is 1 “Yes”. If they hate it, keep pushing! My own Momma used to tell me to shut up when I was singing and I couldn’t sing with my friends, but look at me now.

SB: Where will you be in 5yrs?

DL: In 5 years I’ll sell over 100 million records worldwide, be in movies, open up programs and clubs, and something that will help foster kids, and kids like myself whose biological mom didn’t want them.

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