Beyond The Billboard


From food stamps to topping the BillBoard Charts. A documentary on the inspiring rise, fall & rebirth of one of the most inspiring Artists in a generation.


Another DocuFilm
by Actor/Director/Producer
Joaquin Maceo Rosa

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By the time CORINA’s hit single “TEMPTATION” rose to #6 on the BILLBOARD Charts, CORINA was already a FREESTYLE Legend. She was on a World Tour with MARKY MARK(Mark Wahlberg) & BOYS II MEN, was signed to ATCO/ATLANTIC RECORDS, was making TV appearances on REGIS & KATHY LEE, CLUB MTV, SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO and ET(Entertainment Tonight) where she was the first Latina Pop Star to be features on the program, and was fast on her way to becoming an International Pop Icon. And then, She Vanished!

Beyond The Billboard is the true story of how a South Bronx born, Harlem bread, little girl, raised on food stamps and government cheese, rose to international stardom, lost it all and then re-emerged stronger & brighter than ever! It is a story of how focus and faith make dreams come true, how strength and perseverance allow us all dominion over our own destiny.

From an early age CORINA’s aspirations to become an entertainer were at most, a highly unlikely long shot. She was from the Barrio, was Puerto Rican, was raised by a mentally ill teenage mother who regularly beat her unconscious and when she watched TV, there was not a face that looked even remotely like hers. After years of performing in the mirror and discovering the similarly talented and complicated CHER as her proof of possibilities, CORINA, against all odds, began her ascent into Pop Culture History.

With 10 plus years atop the BILLBOARD charts with songs like “WHISPERS” & “SUMMERTIME SUMMER TIME”, produced by LIL JON, and a blooming Film & Television career, CORINA was establishing a worldwide fan base. After starring as FRIDA KAHLO in Oscar winning Actor/Director TIM ROBBINS’ CRADLE WILL ROCK and starring opposite JOHN CUSACK, BILL COSBY, MARC ANTHONY, IRIS CHACON, SUSAN SARANDON, VANESSA REDGRAVE, RUBEN BLADES and PETER DINKLAGE in various roles CORINA’s “Star” was rising still. But was it enough? Could she escape her unresolved patterns of childhood abuse that slowly but surely threatened to dismantle what she had worked so hard to achieve.


Beyond The is an intimate portrait into the creative force, the entertainer and the Artist behind those achievements. It is an astonishing journey through her world as she manages to face herself, the abuse and her abusers to emerge a broader and more powerful Artist than ever before. We will follow her as she embarks upon her Feature Film Directorial Debut, returns to the recording studio and works to get her Sitcom “LATIN IN AMERICA” picked up by Network Television.

Beyond The Billboard is a story about the Artist, the FREESTYLE era, the hit music and her rise to Hollywood, but more importantly it is a story about resilience, about transcendent perseverance, human triumph and remaining true to oneself. It is proof that in the end, our dreams, and the living of them, are ultimately and joyously in no one else’s hand but our own. This is a story about the power in a dream….and It is a story that needs to be told for the benefit of anyone who has ever had one.

Written by Joaquin Maceo Rosa.

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