Andy “The CrAsian” Nguyen


SB: Tell us a little bit about yourself.


AN: My name is Andy. It was supposed to be Sandy but when you have a mother coming to America, who’s Asian, my name gets misspelled! Lol

SB: Did you have to deal with any racism against Asians growing up in California in the 80’s?

AN: I had to deal with racism in kindergarten when the bullies said “hey chink Ching Chong” etc. It was very mean. 🙁 but I’m ok now.

SB: Vietnamese born in Hollywood, moved to Los Angeles; what brought you to South Carolina?

AN: My mom, being a single mom with 4 kids California was just too expensive for us to live there anymore and “word on the street” was the South Carolina was growing lol.


SB: First, you’ve been modeling since you were 25, then became a ring card girl, started training in 2009, and then started fighting May 2010 and now, having a birthday this week and turning 32, you’ve already had over 15 fights and have now been signed with Xtreme Fighting Championships. That’s a great run already and you’re just transitioning from Amateur to Pro! How did this all start?

AN: Well MMA was legalized in South Carolina like 4 years ago so after going to my first show, I just fell in love with it. The rest is history.

SB: Now you haven’t tried to just have a high number of easy fights, you’ve fought hard in the 115 Strawweight up to 135 Bantamweight divisions. Why go back down to 115? Is this where you want to stay?

AN: I fought at 125 & 135 because there’s a limited amount of girls to fight at 115 in my area. I walk at 125, It’s still a learning experience every single day.

hands up

SB: You had Warfare 11 in Feb, then XFE in April, and you have a fight scheduled for May! You are on a fast track! What is your end game? What’s your goal?

AN: Of course I can’t fight forever but I’d love to be a MMA promoter or boxing coach for little girls!

SB: Is it hard being a single mother while also training, traveling and fighting?

AN: My son just turned 11. He stays with his grandmother because she spoils him and I train a lot. We are very close. I do career days at his school and talk about fighting with the boys. Show them my newspaper articles and rewards. And for the girls, I talk about the salon since I work in a salon during the day.

SB: What would you tell someone who wants to get into MMA?

AN: It’s a very emotional sport. I recommend you train in as many art forms as you can.

SB: Where did you get the nickname The CrAsian?

AN: Slade Bittler gave me the nickname because I’m a crazy Asian lol. Slade owns Tussle which is a very well-known sponsor and supporter for WMMA.

SB: Where do you see The Crasian in 5 years?

AN: In the next 5 yrs I want to be the best I can be.


Currently Andy is currently still the 2016 King of the Cage Atomweight Champion!

October 11, 2016

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