About Southern Boricua


For decades, there has been a long list of artists, comedians, actors, and dj’s that have come from Brooklyn, NY, that since an early age, swayed, shaped and guided Charlie Rivera into a passion for the entertainment industry.

Growing up in the 1970′s, Charlie was constantly musically influenced by his father’s collection of Motown records and listening to groups like the O’Jays, Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire, & listening to harmonies as well as just about every single Elvis Presley album, that his Dad loved.

Then also, with the sounds of his mother singing in Spanish around the house all day long with Afro-Caribbean percussion embedded into him from bands & artists like El Gran Combo, Tito Puente, Ruben Blades, Willie Colon, and the Fania All Stars, Charlie had a strong musical foundation.


In the mid to late 1980′s Charlie turned away from the vinyl path of Technics & Gemini’s like most of his friends, and as a young teenager began promoting for NYC clubs such as The Tunnel, The Underground, Red Zone, Limelight, Webster Hall and The Palladium. Working in NYC, in The Village, at The Antique Boutique, going to The Wreck Room basement bar, hanging out by Unique’s on Broadway and getting haircuts in Astor Place, Manhattan quickly became a second home.

Charlie spent a few years promoting and networking. In his late teens, he landed a bartending job at club Red Zone. This is where he first saw celebrities such as a very young Sean “Puffy” Combs, Dr. Dre & Ed Lover, the cast of In Living Color and the Fly Girls, Rosie Perez, and many more every night. Gradually he went from tending bar to standing behind the crimson velvet ropes with a clipboard outside and having an entry guest list as a promoter. This began his path into the NYC nightlife.


After making some Freestyle music demos, NYC’s Hot 103 became Hot 97 and changed to a Hip Hop format ending that path quickly. Being influenced by infamous Studio 54 promoter Baird Jones, he then began Event Promotions and After Work Parties via his company Adeon Productions for most of the 1990′s alongside many other great promoters and dj’s which included venues such as the Copacabana, China Club / Jade Terrace, LQ’s, Cafe Remy, The World, so many other venues, and various boat rides that spanned over 10 years.

From carrying milk crates of records to sleeping on the couch in the recording studio til 4 in the morning, music like Salsa, Freestyle, Hip Hop and R&B has always been a major influence and a driving factor in Charlie’s life from working on beats, to singing background vocals, all which have fine-tuned his ear in this industry.


Charlie has since then been working with some key people like Independent Film Maker & Director Ken Kushner and Writer/Director/Actress Susan Montez by being part of several productions teams that have conducted auditions and casting calls for many different projects, performances, interviews and independent films in just about all of NYC’s 5 boroughs. All of which have led to the creation of Southern Boricua and VIP Access which is a platform where talented artists, dj’s, models, and radio personalities are interviewed, networked, and all linked together via many Social Media platforms to get exposure about their music, goals, and the road they have taken to pursue their dreams.

Charlie Rivera, working alongside with great correspondents, volunteers, bloggers, artists, and radio hosts, will strive to continue to bring enticing interviews, videos and amazing artists.